Over the past 29 years we have refined our approach to safety with the simple conviction to preserve the health and well being of everyone who comes onto our jobsites. As a firm we aim to be responsible citizens by ensuring that our safety program implements the best safety practices for everyone involved.

Common Practices
To ensure we remain a company that values safety we have developed common practices that ensure we are measuring up to our internal expectations of a safe working environement. Our Safety Director (a full time position) keeps our safety record clean by:

  • Refinement and implementation of our safety program
  • Employee safety training
  • Preconstruction planning
  • Random safety inspections on our job sites

Tangible result for our clients
A safe project not only reduces the number of injuries on our sites, but it also provides savings for our clients. When our employees remain healthy and productive, our clients are able to benefit from lower insurance rates and higher levels of productivity. This serves the bottome line and the project schedule.