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ATTENTION! When accessing project information you are indicating that you have received a password from Yorke & Curtis and are authorized. Access to project information through this site by any plan center, reprographics firm, and construction news / project reporting business is specifically denied. “Harvesting” (downloading, copying, and transmitting) of any project information for purposes of reselling and or redistributing information by any party is denied.

To access drawings for the projects below, click the project title.  You will be prompted to enter a password.  If you do not have a password contact Zach Bascom by calling 503.646.2123 or emailing  See below on becoming a qualified subcontractor.

Project Bid date
Embassy Elevator April 27, 2011
Cottage Grove JITB April 29, 2011
Lebanon JITB April 29, 2011

Subcontractor Qualification Program

We are always on the look out for qualified subcontractors who share our values. If you would like to receive invitations to bid our projects, you must first qualify as an offical subcontractor. To do that simply fillout the Sub-Qualification Form (see below).  If you have any questions please contact Zach Bascom. We hope we can work with you in the near future! For Up and Coming Bid information contact Zach Bascom at

If you would like to become a qualified subcontractor who works with Yorke and Curtis,

Step 1: Download the Pre-Qualification PDF by clicking Y&C Sub Pre-Qual Form
Step 2: Fill -Out the form and email/fax it back to us.ified subcontractor who works with Yorke and Curtis,