Since 1988 we have worked with 4 clients, on 6 hotel projects, with a total value of over $11,750,000. This experience has allowed us to develop successful approaches for the key needs and considerations that surround hospitality services.

A leadership team that has good communication and leadership skills to navigate a project with the hotel general/construction manager.

Minimal impact on the guests, operations, and staff.

Competitive pricing that structures value out of every dollar invested.

Accurate scheduling that allows our clients to make critical, time-sensitive decisions so that they can accurately prepare their hotel operations.

Clear expectations of project scope that minimizes the need for change orders and allows for adequate planning and phasing of a project.

FF&E liquidation of items that the project scope is replacing.

Feel free to contact us about your next project. We’d love to take a look at it and consider what it would take for you to take the project to the next step.
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