Since 1988 we have worked with 17 clients, on 21 healthcare facility projects. The projects we have worked on have included the following elements specific to healthcare facilities:

Examination rooms
Charting rooms
Special procedure rooms
Junior restrooms
Unexposed security mesh built into the wall system
Security cameras

Alarm triggers
Fire shudder system for security and fire containment
Operable security windows
Refrigeration units
Electric combination lock systems

Bullet proof glass
Directional diffusers for the HVAC systems
Lead lined walls
Piping for various gas requirements
Nursing stations


Our experience has refined our approach to:

Accurate scheduling that allow our clients to make critical, time-sensitive decisions with confidence.

Quality Control that ensures our clients receive their building in pristine condition allowing for their new practice to operate with unnecessary disturbance.

Structured Value out of ever dollar invested that provides our clients the confidence that they are getting both quality and a competitve price.

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